The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

Welcome to our Reggio Emilia inspired classroom at Dr. David Suzuki School.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Investigating nature in our backyard.

We are so lucky to have a wonderfully large playground area to spend our afternoons in! Children are excited to investigate the plants, insects, and elements of the yard like sticks and rocks.

This exploration often leads to dramatic exploration and play as children act in roles and work together to make sense of the world around them!

We like to spend time outside, regardless of the weather! This helps children understand first hand the changing of the seasons and how the weather changes from day to day. It also helps us discuss how we need to be prepared for the weather and plan accordingly (wearing a sunhat, coat, boots).

The children become risk-takers as they connect with each other and the world in which they live. The best thing of all are the looks on their faces as we hear, "I can..." and "I did... !"

Making Playdough and Baking Clay

Playdough is a very important centre in our classroom. Not only does it encourage children to be artists, sculpting and creating with a new and exciting medium, it helps build the essential fine motor strength and control needed to be successful writers later on.

Instead of using pre-made playdough from the store, we encourage the children to help make it with us in the kitchen. This provides them with a cooking experience that encourages procedural language (when discussing the steps of the recipe), measurement (when counting and scooping out the ingredients), and personal/social development (turn taking).
The children are often very eager and excited to play with the dough because they are personally invested in making it!

Engaging in play

Look at the wonderful things happening in our playtime! Children are creating, exploring, sharing, explaining, and reflecting upon their experiences together in our many play centres. Children are encouraged to come up with a plan for what they want to accomplish in their play, and then work together with other children and adults in order to be successful!

Our centres include reading, writing, blocks, train, art, science, snack, dress shop, playdough, math, fine motor toys, and the outside!

When children are provided the time they need to engage in deep exploration with others, they are empowered as learners!

The great outdoors

It's important to provide children with plenty of time to engage in uninterrupted play outside. Each morning our children start their day greeting one another in our outside play space, which has been created to replicate many of the play centres inside including dramatic arts, music, blocks, literacy, and fine motor play. These guided materials encourage children to interact with other children and adults in rich, meaningful contexts while providing time outdoors enjoying and appreciating nature!

Painting outdoors

Encouraging children to engage in artful experiences in a variety of settings is important. Creating art outside gives children a new perspective from which they can create and interpret their artwork.  Children become empowered when they realize that their creations matter - just look at how lovely this child's painting looks when displayed in a large frame!

On a beautiful sunny day we encouraged the children to 'spray paint' on communal pieces of paper. Children used diluted tempra paint in recycled pump  hair spray bottles to spray the primary colours together. As they sprayed, new colours were created within the art, making the experience an authentic exploration in colour mixing and art creation. The pump bottles are also difficult to manipulate, encouraging children to really use their small finger muscles and develop fine motor control.