The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

Welcome to our Reggio Emilia inspired classroom at Dr. David Suzuki School.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

A Classroom Contest

We have entered a contest and are hoping for your votes!
This past year, we began a partnership with Natural Pod.
Click on their name to find out more about them and their philosophy about play.
They have invited us to join in their contest to win a Natural Play Classroom!
We've entered 5 'Invitations To Play'

Voting for us is as easy as clicking on each link then clicking on 'VOTE'

We need votes!

Entry 1 - Mrs. St. Onge put her special touch on this invitation at the light table. 

This Natural Pod light table is always busy and home to curiosity, discovery and imagination. Mrs. St. Onge brings together the children's interest in building and adds in natural materials.

Shining a light on open materials.


Entry 2 - Block play and dramatic play go hand in hand. Mrs. Brent invites the children to become part of the animal world. An insect laden tree, a wild kingdom valley and a reptile lair between them offers the children many ways to enter into play and understanding about living creatures.

 Form, fun and fables come together in this invitation to play in the block centre.

Entry 3 - Hearing children engaged in 'fairy play' gave Mrs. Pizzuto an idea. Fairies need a place to live...and so began Fairy Land. Ms. Lecoq set up a creation station and helped the children construct  furniture and fairies. Many fairies now live in Fairy Land, each with unique abilities and all with their own story.

Fairy tales and free play. The creation of Fairy Land.

Entry 4 - Head out on a nature walk in the wonderful world of kindergarten and you'll find groups of children gathered near Mrs. Pizzuto and Mrs. St. Onge as they help the children discover oh-so-much about the natural world. Bringing the outdoors in and offering an invitation to play in the art studio inspires sculpted nature scenes.

Sculptures and scenery with natural materials in the art studio.

Entry 5 - There's always a reason to go outside to play! This day, windy weather was our inspiration. Ms. Lecoq, together with student teachers Miss Wilkins and Miss Garrett were the assistants to a crew of kite makers. Our wonderful wagon is a regular invitation to play and was packed for just such a day with an addition of colourful ribbons. Kites and ribbons in hand...the wind, the wagon and the wonderful world of kindergarten played and played.

Outdoors...the original play station.

 We have just one month to gather as many votes as possible. 
The contest is open to many Early Years groups 
in North America and Australia with close to 300 entries. 
Please share this post for our best chance to win.
Thank you for supporting us!!!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Jobin Rock Farm -Community partners in our Td Grant Project

We can't thank Jobin Rock Farms enough for all their work today at Suzuki School.


When the truck pulled up the excitement began to build.

     Mr. McCann placed the large stones in place using the bobcat. 
     The students were excited to see how the bobcat worked and how 
      Mr. McCann used the machine to move the rocks around. 

    Mr.  McCann enjoys his job working outside. 
    Maybe some of our friends would like a job like this
    in the future.

Grade 8's, Grade 5's and Kindergarten all working together on the TD Grant Project

     Part of our TD Grant was to transform a space to provide students with a place to sit together, read books, draw, play musical instruments... be kids. Donovan beams when he is working outside.
    We are thankful that the "Big Guns," in grade 8 arrived to help us dig holes (the dirt was hard!!) so that our little friends could plant.
     More Teamwork happening here everyday.

       Is Ms. Lecoq seriously digging in her sandals?

     Cool Kindergarten Kids are hard at work.
     Grade 5 students have been here working away each and everyday.
    We got this!
    Mr. Devon even got in on the show. Rose thinks, "He's really strong."
Awesome students, doing awesome work.

Td bank Grant Greening our Kindergarten Space

    Ms. Lecoq and the friends from Mr. Vial's class are using some serious muscle to work together to move the dirt. It's a little chilly today, yet warm happy spirits are not discouraged by the weather.

   We received some help today by JR Trucking to level and remove some excess dirt. We were certainly all thankful. Thanks for the community support! Thanks for helping with the pea stone too!

A moment in time