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Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Mitten

We recently read The Mitten illustrated by the talented Jan Brett. 
It is a Ukranian folktale and Jan Brett has many picture clues throughout the book to help tell the story. A boy loses his white mitten in the snow...
and the mitten has quite an adventure!

Afterwards, the children made our handy dandy play clay. They fashioned many of the characters from the story. The next day, after they had been baked and were good and dry, the children painted the characters they had made.
Now they have their own characters to retell the story of The Mitten over and over again.
Our handy dandy play clay is the familiar salt, flour and water mixture that the 
children can make by themselves.
We brought a scale out to help with the measuring.
Each of the children tried to measure the same amount of dough.
The book was always near for the children to refer to.
Soon, animals were taking shape.
Carson enjoys to work in miniature.

The tray was filled over again to accommodate the many animals that were being made.
The cover also became filled with sculpted characters 
awaiting their turn to be baked and dried.
The next step was to paint the characters. Using colours that the children saw in the book and small paint brushes, the artists set to work on the fine details of their work.
Emmy made sure that the boy character was just right.
This was an exciting way to become familiar with the story of The Mitten!
We are wondering if The Hat, also by Jan Brett, will have 
similarities or differences to The Mitten.
What do you think is the same and different?

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