The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Creative Thinkers At Work

When thinking about our creative thinkers and builders, we know nothing more is needed than natural materials and loose parts.
These builders thrive with hands-on activities!
Unlike electronics, building with real materials gives children the opportunity to feel the balance necessary when negotiating placement of their objects.
Since all of their senses are developing at the same time, 
these type of activities are very important to their development.
And the best thing is...the materials are free and as close as 
a park, backyard or recycle area.
Ideas, collaboration, conversation.
The containers become incorporated into the design.
Tower, boundary, area, balance, height, explanation, description.
Sorting trays. Three layers, three sections, three rocks, three tubes, three bowls.
Owning the learning.

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