The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

Welcome to our Reggio Emilia inspired classroom at Dr. David Suzuki School.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Thumbs Up for a Musical Memory

Kate's mom makes memories with the music she brings to the wonderful world of kindergarten
she makes memories on the music she brings!
 Setting an array of brightly coloured acrylic paint on a tray, Mrs. Bensette joyfully went to work.
She adorned her guitar with the children's and the teachers' prints!
Everyone eagerly awaited their chance to be a part of this wonderful memory keepsake.
All the while, Addison made sure to capture photos and document this happy occasion.
And we documented Addison!
A beautiful pattern of fingerprints emerged.
With just a few more prints left to get, Mrs. Bensette headed out to the hill to make sure all the children and teachers had contributed. 
What a perfect opportunity for a group photo!
And what do you suppose we did on the way back to the classroom at the end of our time together?
Raised our voices with a sun shiny rendition of...
'This Little Light of Mine'!
A perfectly memorable moment!

A Gallery Walk - Presentation to The Cancer Centre

After weeks of dedicated inspiration for patients and their families using the treatment rooms at the Cancer Centre, we hosted a gallery walk for some very special people and presented the children's art.
Nancy Brockenshire and Nurse Maggie from the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre came to see the children's work and accept the children's gift of art. Dr. Deb Sissons (our very own Alex's mother), 
was the person that made this all possible!

Excitement and smiles filled the art studio!

The children explained their art and happily answered questions.

Sets of artistic works came together. 
Water by author/illustrator Frank Asch provoked swirling rainbow waves 
in which a single boat appeared. One had the boat sitting at the top, ready to slide into rainbow dots and splashes. Another had a boat in the midst of multi-coloured whirls that gave way to a rainbow umbrella. And then...calm waters under a sun sending twirling rainbow beams as the boat heads out of the picture.
Kate and Morgan are pleased to pose with their picture and talk about how they 
worked together to create their masterpiece.

Addison hears about Morgan's very fun picture. She is quite sure it will put a smile on everyone's face and make them laugh! After all, the sun is wearing sunglasses and is eating a hot dog and drinking hot chocolate, while there is a rainbow dance party happening. The rainbow caterpillar is moving to the beat under the flowers as a disco ball hangs from the clouds throwing it's colours all around!
Now that's some kind of fun!

A simply stated painting in the back corner has caught someone's eye. Little do the admirers know that it was created by Aiden...who had a very strong vision of what he wanted to create. Aiden created his 6 stemmed flower picture using painted thumbprints. He spent a great deal of time painting his thumbs over and over again and pressing them to the paper, making the leaves and flowers. Hidden from view, he tells his captivated audience how he accomplished this effect.

After talking to Ms. Brockenshire about her snowflake masterpiece, 
Mya enjoys a renewed appreciation of her fine work.

Mrs. Tulio came down from the office to share in the experience. 
True appreciators of the arts and the value of helping our community.

The Tree Study - Water Paint and Marble Paper

We discuss the calmness of the colours and the happiness of the children playing under the tree.

The techniques used in these paintings were created with marbles, 
fingers, tips of brush handles and splatter.

Very special people indeed. We look forward to the works that were created in the wonderful world of kindergarten bringing respite to those who must use the treatment rooms at the cancer centre.

A big Thank You to Alex's mother.
Thank you for the excitement you generated, the connection you liaised and the opportunity to help our children truly experience the meaning of a selfless act of compassion.

A Gift of Inspired Art

The art that the children were creating for the treatment rooms in the cancer centre continued. 
This time, the children were offered canvases that had been prepared with softly coloured backgrounds. 
The children were given the opportunity to create their own idea or were able to choose 
from many photos of various artists works for inspiration.
They were invited to consider, discuss and sketch what they were thinking of painting.
Then the children would make a choice of which canvas they wanted to use. 

This gave the children the opportunity to be reflective.
The purpose of their art was...
What brushes might create certain details?
Would they need to mix colours to achieve their design?
Would they use light pencil markings on their canvas to stay true to their sketch or paint free hand?
Had they made changes to their painting from what they had sketched? Why?
How did they feel their finished piece might help a patient and their family?

Rose - Self Expression - "When there's rain, there's rainbows. And the rain helps the flowers. And there's a splashy puddle. Oh yeah...I forgot...I want to add a bird flying by the rainbow."

Lewam - Self Expression - "There's some rain coming out of the clouds. There's a house and some flowers in a garden. There's us playing by the tree. And the sun is in the sky."

Alivia - Inspired by Mosaic art: "Miss, how can I make the circle lines? (After a brief demonstration and discussion of the use of the ends of the brush handles to dip and dab) I'm making the circles then I can decorate."
Alivia continues her work over several days, leaving the paint to dry.
 Leaving and playing, coming back to the work to add and adjust when inspiration strikes.

Abigail - Abstract inspiration: "I just want to mix the colours how I feel and put them how I feel. There I am, on the top."

Savannah and Laila - Self Expression: "This is where the pool is. Everyone gets to go swimming and play outside all day. It's a happy picture."

Rose - Inspired by Starry Night, Vincent Van Gogh: (Having sketched on canvas first) "I feel like fast and twirling and dancing
I'm trying a new dabbing way."

Miya - Inspired by Fantasy (Fairy): "Do you like it? I'm  done. Wait. I'm gonna put a sun and some flowers. I'm gonna put dibs and dabs too. It's pretty."

Inspired by Water (author/illustrator Frank Asch)
Mya - "I really like the snowflakes. The water comes out of the clouds and when it's cold it is snow. I'm mixing the colours."

Kate and Morgan - "There has to be some splashes. And we can make new colours. That's happy."

Danica: (Having sketched rainbow waves and splashes coming out of the sun) "I made a mistake so I'm going to make a big wave. That's what you can do. If you make a mistake it's okay. Just make something new."

Kate and Leah
Mrs. Brent: "Hmmm...there is so much happening in your painting! Tell me all about it."
Leah: "There's the rainbow and the splashes and dots from the end of or brushes."
Kate: "The waves are turning into rainbows. And there's the boat."
Mrs. Brent: "I'm thinking about how I feel when I look at this painting. 
How do you feel? What do you think the patient or their family might feel like?"
Kate and Leah: Quiet
Leah: "I'm going to put a sun."
Kate: "Another dot and then it's all done."
Mrs. Brent: "Things can get pretty stormy and swirly. It seems a sun and a rainbow makes things feel better."
Kate: "Rainbows are happy."
Leah: "And suns too!"

Danica works on her Abstract Inspired painting beside Kate and Morgan who are working on their painting inspired by the book Water.
Danica: "We can use the same colours. Mine is shapes all together. I just used paint paper 'cause I want to make more paintings to make people happy."
Morgan: "We're adding rainbow dots."

Miya: (As Danica replicates her rainbow splash painting on paint paper) That looks the same as the other one, but a little bit different. You're doing a good job. I like it."

Danica - Inspired by Maia's snowflake painting: "Oh yeah, I can't forget to add the smile."