The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

Welcome to our Reggio Emilia inspired classroom at Dr. David Suzuki School.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

What did you do at school this week

Children are engaged in such a variety of activities throughout the day that help them to develop in so many different ways, our team works together to help children discover, create and learn in an environment rich with play.
Taking care of a friend when they get hurt.

Made Mrs. Pizzuto some breakfast.
Investigated at the science table.

We hosted a party.

Painted a picture for the chicks.

Checked out all the musical instruments.
Checked in on the snails.
Went for a walk on the hill.

Played outside.

Designed a new dress.

Enjoyed creating at the art studio.

Shared a story about the bears.

Made a sign.
Worked together to create lego land.
Worked on creating a race car.

Discussed how the vegetables are growing.
Designed an invention.
Created with the boxes.
Investigated the fish tank.
Made a pattern.

Made a card for Mrs. St. Onge.

Made a birthday cake for the birthday bear.

Made an outfit for the birthday bear at the dress shop.

Took pictures of the frogs.

Did a survey.
Made a "Kids Dog House"

Shared a book together.
Signed up to share together.

Wrote the message.