The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

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Friday, 29 May 2015

The Reason Our Birds Are So Happy!

When the bird houses we created fell apart our wonderful Greg made a plan with the children to build stronger bird feeders for our little friends.

He began at home using a very powerful saw to cut pieces of wood.
He made sure to wear safety goggles.
Greg matched all the pieces he cut to each of the bird feeders the children would build.
Then he brought the home made bird feeder kits to the wonderful world of kindergarten!
Greg worked with the children as they built their bird feeders.
They looked at pictures and instructions of what the bird feeders would look like 
and the steps to follow to make them.
Greg helped the children and the children helped each other.
So many hungry birds,
So many children helping...
One bus driver extraordinaire!
Children signed the bottom of the birdhouses they had worked on.
The looks on their faces told us everything about how they felt 
about the work they had accomplished.
It was time to make the birds very happy!
Greg helped to put the bird feeders in the trees.
He used strong wire to make sure they wouldn't fall in stormy weather.
The bird feeders are filled with bird seed for our local bird population.
We watch them as they come and go.
Click here for a link to Windsor Essex Nature Sightings
What birds do you see in your yard?
In your park?
In your neighbourhood?
In your city?
When you travel?
Enjoy this video of Windsor Essex Pelee birds from Point Pelee National Park.
Do you recognize some of these birds?

A big chirpy THANK YOU is sent to Greg, our bus driver extraordinaire
for helping us to make our birds so happy that they sing their song of thanks!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

3 Days Left to Vote!

We only have 3 days left to vote!
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Block play and dramatic play go hand in hand. Mrs. Brent invites the children to become part of the animal world. An insect laden tree, a wild kingdom valley and a reptile lair between them offers the children many ways to enter into play and understanding about living creatures.

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Comparing Apple Blossoms to Apple Blossoms

The plasticine was offered in small pieces and a limited amount. We talked about how much plasticine is necessary to make the details of the apple blossom display.
Using tools would also help to create details.
Even though there was a limited amount of plasticine, there was more than enough 
to do many pictures!
        The children decided on different ways to use the tools and show the blossoms.
Morgan chose to show a group of blossoms.
Danica and Leah collaborated on a group of branches.
Evan wanted to include the vase and table top. 
The blue plasticine wasn't offered at the display.
He left to get blue plasticine so that he could show the water in the vase.
We noticed details on the branches, on the leaves, in the opened blossoms.
Some children decided that pencil tips were a good tool to add details.
The looked so wonderful we could almost smell the apple blossoms the artists created!

Apple Blossom Still Life

There is no glory in star or blossom till looked upon by a loving eye;
There is no fragrance in Spring breezes till breathed with joy as they wander by.
~ William C. Bryant ~

A beautiful collection of apple blossom branches were displayed in the art studio.
The children were invited to create a painting.
They were also invited to think about math!
The colour palette offered reflected the shades of the blooms, leaves and branches.
Thin brushes and cotton swabs provided the opportunity to have fine lines and represent 
opened and unopened blossoms.
But what does a still lie painting have to do with math?
The top of the vase is about half way up.
There are empty areas of the branches and full areas of blossoms.
The top of the branches are narrow and the bottom of the branches are wider.
The vase has a pyramid type of shape.
A thick line shows where the branch is wider and a thin line shows where the branch is narrower.
The vase is tall and narrow.
The apple blossom display is tall and wide.
A closed bud is shaped like a circle.
An open blossom has five round petals. 
How much math can you discover?