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Thursday, 21 May 2015

CKLW Class of the week

Imagine our excitement!
Nothing like a selfie with AM800's Arms Bumanlag.

Mason's mother nominated us for CKLW's Class of the Week and we were so surprised to have heard the news that we were chosen as the final class of the year!

Perfect spot for our group photo was in our brand new outdoor classroom area.
We were ready for Arms when he came to the wonderful world of kindergarten.
Arms was quite sure he had stumbled into a room of grown up children.
It took some convincing to help him understand that we were not a group of Grade 8's.
After all, the children were all sitting so nicely and had such wonderful manners...
so grown up!
He used his phone to talk to the people at the radio station. 
We all got ready to give a very excited and loud shout out to all the AM800 listeners!
Arms gave a news update right then and there. Right in front of us! We were quiet while he updated the public about a fire and traffic...then, "HELLLOOOOOO!!!!"
When it came time to ask Arms some questions,
the children were curious about the building where the radio station is.
 Arms asked the children what they learn in the wonderful world of kindergarten.
Well...everyone knows how much fun we have playing and learning just by looking at our blog!
Carson and Evan talked about how much they have learned about as they make clay art, 
like the animal kingdom they are working on.
Mia was a natural! Arms compared her to Diane Sawyer as she introduced herself and talked about making beautiful art and taking care of the world when we are planting.
Vanessa from AM800 made sure to capture these wonderful moments on her camera.
Morgan talked about building and outdoor play. 
Maybe Arms would like to join us at Suzuki hill?!
Mason talked about building with blocks. He makes amazing structures with his friends!
Arms was very nice and very funny.
Rose, Leah, Jackson, Emmy and Ivy offered to give Arms a tour of the classroom.
They were very excited to bring him over to the incubator. Our chicks are due any day!
Arms stopped to take a look at the clay figurines that are being made for the animal kingdom. 
Jackson excitedly talked about the alligator Evan had made.
Arms thinks kindergarten wasn't like this when he was little.
The wonderful world of kindergarten is pretty amazing!
The children were then treated to a special breakfast!
Miss Julie, from McDonald's, brought everyone hotcakes and milk.
We were so glad that Mason's mom joined us for our special morning.
Mason's Marvelous Mom
Arms Bumanlag and Vanessa and AM800
Monarch Basics for the backpacks packed with goodies!

Check out AM800's Facebook page
and tune in to AM800 on Friday morning, May 22 at 
6:20, 6:50, 7:20, 7:50, 8:20 or 8:50
to hear all about Arms visit to the wonderful world of kindergarten.

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