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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Kindergartners As Contractors!

The children have been very busy hammering away the past two weeks with recycled wood that has been donated by Canada Construction and Restoration.

The children decided that our outdoor classroom needed a new tree house and they were going to be the ones to build it. The children knew that before a structure can begin to be built that a blueprint must be drawn up first. 
"We need a blueprint, because if we don't have one the builders won't know what to build." said Donovan.
The sketch pads and pencils came out and the children went right to work.

We decided to move our outdoor project inside because we knew that building a tree house was going to take lots of time and hard work. We didn't want any rainy weather condition to come in the way of  getting our project done. The children went right to work and started moving all the wood and building materials into the spare portable located right outside of our outdoor classroom. The children called it "The Cottage."

Our amazing lunch aide Greg came in to help with the project and show off his expertise.

Our day came quickly to an end and the materials had to be put away. First thing tomorrow morning the project will continue. Please stay tuned for the updates to our new tree house that the children have been  working so hard on.

Thursday November 12, 2015- Today's progress

The children worked so hard again today. They are really starting to see what the end product is going to look like. They started discussing what colour the walls, floor and roof will be and of course the interior design team went straight to work.

Stay tuned for tomorrows progress! 

Friday November 13, 2015- Today the children worked hard at sanding the tree fort up, making sure all the rough edges became smooth and got it ready for painting.

After the children were finished sanding they were encouraged to design the image they will be painting on the tree fort.

Monday morning the children will begin to paint!

Monday November 16. 2015

The finished product! 

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Jocelyn Large said...

Great work guys! I love it!