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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Greenhouse Effect!

We're expecting... a baby pumpkin! 
The first flower has emerged on our pumpkin vine. Moving our growing shoots from the seed inquiry to our mini greenhouse was just what they needed!
The children are surprised by the warm temperature and the 'rain' that has happened when they put their hands inside the greenhouse.

So many of the shoots that had grown had also shriveled. The growing plants needed more of something. We thought about the dome that we often use to create a habitat area for creatures the children discover. Most recently it had become a home for a very sick tadpole. But... now that it was no longer needed... it seemed like a perfect container for a greenhouse!

The children were ever-so-careful with the tender shoots and roots.

"Once the roots are in place and the dirt is around them, press down gently to give them some firm soil to grow in and support the stem."
"Oh my stars! Look at that wonderful tap root. This is going to be one healthy plant!"

There were some plants that had several leaves and good root systems. 
The children measured many of the plants to see which had grown the tallest. Hmmm... wondering which would turn out to be sunflowers and which would turn out to be pumpkins!

This small shoot had the shell it emerged from still on top of it's newly sprouted leaves. The shell will give us a clue to find out what the plant will grow up to be.

All ready for growing! It was very interesting to consider how many seedlings and shoots there were at the beginning of the seed inquiry and now how few there were.  

"There's two kinds of leaves because there's two kinds of plants!"
"There's gonna be a big sunflower and a buncha pungkins."
"The sunflower's gonna grow right out the top! It's gonna push the lid off."

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