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Friday, 7 February 2014

We Love Our Fruit

Oh the smells. Oh the flavours. our senses were alive with the sweetest treats from Mother Nature! We filled our bowls and then our bellies with the bounty we brought home from our recent trip to the market.

The children washed, cleaned and helped to chop the fruits. The most fun part was tasting them. Some fruits tasted sweet, some were tart, some were sour. 

Some fruits were crunchy and others soft. Some were chewier than others.

Some fruits had very hard rinds. Pineapple's had 'picky outsides'. Watermelons could spin!

We were able to smell some of the ripe, sweet fruit right through it's skin.

So many different types of textures, tastes and seeds.

Some fruits come in bunches, some grow on vines. Some fruits grow on trees and some grow on bushes.

Each so distinct but one thing's the same.... fruit is delicious, delectable, divine and oh so wonderful for a developing body!

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