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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Slippery Clumpy Sensory

Vegetable oil was introduced to the bin of cornmeal.
 What would happen?  Would the cornmeal pour the same?

Donald and Luke thought the oil was water. Luke gave a very detailed explanation of the cornmeal and the oil mixing and sticking together! 
Clumpy, lumpy, sticking
A scoop of cornmeal stayed at the top of the tube until it absorbed the oil, then slowly floated down to the bottom.

Willow and Alivia rubbed the oil between their fingers. 
Wet, slippery, oily, slimy, yucky, goopy.

Alivia added cornmeal to the oil in Adelayah’s tube.  We watched how it clumped at the top, then slowly absorbed and fell slowly to the bottom.

Grace noticed that the cornmeal stuck together and held a shape. The more oil that was added, the better the cornmeal ‘dough’ stuck together. 

When Grace was asked if she had invented a new kind of play dough, she laughed!

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