The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

Welcome to our Reggio Emilia inspired classroom at Dr. David Suzuki School.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sand Art

We introduced a new medium at the art studio. Bottles of coloured sand were made available. 

With a little help, the children got the hang of squeezing the glue to design their art. 

The gritty, coloured sand was set into containers to make it easy for the children to scoop small amounts with their fingers and sprinkle where they wanted the colour to go.

They shook the sand to cover the glue and let the extra fall back into the containers.

Some children mixed the colours together. This didn't result in a new colour. Instead, it was a blending of colours all together.

Once it was dry, the artists felt how heavy their pictures were! The designs looked as though the children 'drew' with coloured sand.  Printing, people, landscapes... a whole new way to create!

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