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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Finally! We Get Oustside!

We never know how much we miss things until we can't have them! That's been true for our wonderful outside space. Mother Nature has delivered a wallop of a winter and we've been watching it through our windows. We've been watching blizzards and been in a deep freeze! An Arctic freeze! A polar vortex freeze! But this day... this very wonderful day... this perfect play-outside-in-the-snow day... we got to go outside after lunch and that's where we stayed all afternoon!

We are pretty sure that the trees missed us as much as we missed them. 

This was a perfect day to make a birthday-snow-cake for Mrs. Pizzuto!

Buckets were filled. Castles and mountains were made.

A chair fit for a king! Oh what fun! Oh how joyful!

Rosy cheeks gave way to soggy mittens and soaked snow pants... and OH how good it felt!

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