The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Building With Mr.B

Miss Beaudry shared something... well, actually someone... very special with the children in the wonderful world of kindergarten. She shared her dad! Children were soooooo happy when they saw Mr. B! They remembered when he visited last year and brought birdhouses to build. This time, the children were given the chance to build a birdhouse or a fire truck that made a fire truck sound. Boy, were we all fired up!
When we work with our tools, we always wear our protective goggles. The hammers are just the right size for the children. Thanks, Mr. B for keeping things steady.

It was especially helpful to have the picture instructions.

Tap tap here. Tap tap there.

Here a tap. There a tap. Everyone tapped and tapped.

A big, big Thank You to our beloved Miss B and her dad Mr. B for building our brand new birdhouses and our brilliantly blazing fire engines. We are beholden to you both!

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