The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Baking Clay Creations

Once again, our 'handy dandy salt dough' attracted many children to our kitchen area. This day, we decided to bake the creations the children had made.

The children help each other and cooperate and work together so well!

Measuring, taking turns, deciding, discussing.

Talking about dry ingredients and wet ingredients.

Two heads and four hands are sometimes better than one!

We never know what we'll see when the salt dough begins to be shaped. 

We love to hear the children's ideas and explanations about what they are creating.

After all the trial and error of making their masterpieces, the children wait for the clay to be baked and add their finishing touches.

They take such care and thought as they complete their creations. We listen is to the happy chatter as they gather together to paint.

The student's works of art are always wonderful, but we have to admit to finding the greatest joy in the process of creating them with the children!

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