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Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Making of a Lemonade Stand

It all started with an idea Willow had when she arrived at school one morning. She wanted to create a lemonade stand. She started with her sign. It was amazing to watch her in action as she walked around the classroom to figure out where she was going to put her stand and what materials she was going to use.

She decided the block area would be perfect and went to work setting up a perfect spot. She chose rocks, a stool and fashioned a sign.
Willow discovered small, clear cups on the light table. They would be just right to offer her customers some fresh lemonade in! She collected the cups... and a helper. She recruited Paige to help her out.
She knew we had lemons in the fridge from our trip to the market. She also knew the exact ingredients needed to make the perfect cup of lemonade.

She had plenty of help and sparked lots of interest as her idea was being put into action.

Finally, her sign was set in place to let everyone know that she was open for business.
Customer after customer waited for a refreshing a glass of Willow's lemonade.

And what a delicious glass of lemonade it was! Sweet and tart and enjoyed by so many.

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