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Monday, 16 December 2013

Good Things Come To Those Who Bake

You will need:
    1 concert in the near future
325 RSVP's
350 cupcakes and cookies (taste testing is an important step)
       Several... Many... A whole bunch of... storage containers

1. Begin by setting the mood to 'fun' 'messy' and 'clean up when we're done'.
2. Include the children who visit the activity... after they have washed their hands and donned an apron.
3. Read recipe, talking about the items and the amounts listed. Then have the children help to measure and add them together. Talk about the things that go into the food they are making and the difference between fresh and store bought.
4. Assist the children as they take turns stirring and mixing.

5. As the young bakers are preparing their tasty treats, enjoy conversations about such things as fun times in the kitchen and favourite memories.
6. Guide the children as they learn how to roll dough (not too thin) and use cookie cutters (start at the edges to make room for more cookies). 

7. Graciously accept help from wonderful volunteers.

8. Talk out loud as the children work together to prepare treats for their families.  Use words like 'pour', 'scoop', 'half full', 'slowly', 'next', 'divide', 'add', 'each', 'first, next, then' and any wonderful math language that presents itself.

9. Stop for a moment and simply enjoy the wonderful smells and memory making moments.

10. Talk out loud about the change of the ingredients as they mix together. Use words like 'wet', 'dry', 'consistency', 'change', 'powdery', 'thick', 'thin', 'instructions' and other wonderful science language as it presents itself.

11. Have the children help to fill the trays. Talk about 'expanding' and 'leaving room'. Bake as necessary.
12. Repeat steps 1 through 11 until there is no room left in all the freezers and the room has permanent smell of warm cookies and cupcakes.

Untold amounts of fun, learning, memories, kids that feel confident... and enough cookies and cupcakes for an awesome night of festive family fun!

Sensational smells, lifelong learning connections and delectable treats may attract others.

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