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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Why sharing is so important in the life of a child

From the very beginning of the year, the children excitedly look forward to sharing their work with each other and with the group.  We are all too happy to let them!  Sharing time in the wonderful world of kindergarten is such an important part of learning.

The children take turns getting the board ready. They sound out the word 'Sharing' and print it at the top. They print the numbers and draw the lines. The children sign their names when they first begin to sign up to share.  Many of the older children begin to print the words describing what they've made. At first many children use invented spelling. Just perfect for kindergarten!  This way, they make the strongest connection to letter sounds.  

The children come to us all through the day, wanting to show us what they've created and what they want to share.  We offer help with their sounds as they sign up. They talk to us about what they will be sharing.  We talk about the ideas behind their work.  Why?  How?  What?  I wonder...  Literacy and language is everywhere in the wonderful world of sharing!

The children make stronger connections to their work when we talk about it. They sometimes revisit their work, make changes, add details.  Their thinking becomes more focused. They recognize their accomplishments and take initiative to bring their ideas from thinking to reality.  

There are stories behind the children's ideas. They take ownership in their decisions as they tell us the reason's for their choices.  

By the time the children are in SK, and even for some of our JK's, a name or a word just won't do!  The children write a sentence to tell us what they are sharing.  We cut the sentence strips from the Sharing page and add them to the children's binders.  We collect so much of what they do!  

Some of the children's wonderful work is displayed in a frame or on a gallery table.  What inspiration!

All of the children who share their work have very definite ideas.  They have planned, they have decided, they have chosen, they have explained, and reasoned and shown us who they are.

When the children come home invite them to share their day with you.  The best answers always come from questions that begin with 'How' or 'Why' or comments that begin with 'I wonder'!  

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