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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Learning Stories

A little learning about 'Learning Stories'.

Often, when you see photo's, children's drawings and printing, and teacher's input displayed throughout the wonderful world of kindergarten you are seeing learning stories. Learning stories are just like every story.  There is a beginning, middle and ending. The main characters are the children, and the events happen right before our eyes! The children always begin these stories on their own, and the stories have the happiest endings. Something great happens! Something new for every child! A new concept, a new discovery, a new connection, something they had never known before. And we capture these learning moments and tell them in a story.

We observe children deeply involved in their play. Sometimes we have to bite our tongues or sit on our hands so that we give children the freedom to come to their own discovery. 

Given this opportunity, we witness the children take their learning to a whole new level!

We may talk with the children to understand their thinking. We sometimes wonder aloud in curiosity and have a conversation to support their learning. 

Together we record the story of what they have learned. 

Occasionally we engage in conversation to help with problem-solving using questions and comments like, "Hmmm... why do you think ... ?" 

"What do you think you can do when...?"  

"Is there something you can use that... ?"  

"I notice that... "

But mostly, we don't want to interrupt the children's thinking. And many times, they aren't done with their thinking and let everyone know!
Observing these learning moments and making the learning stories lets us know what the children know... 

... And what materials and activities to make available in the wonderful world of kindergarten so the children can continue to learn, using and doing the things that they are interested in.

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