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Monday, 9 December 2013

Colours That Mix and Kids That Predict

We can never predict where the learning will lead us! After a nature walk that resulted in painting and making prints with sticks, leaves and things we found, the children seemed to show us how interested they were in mixing the colours of paint they were using.  Miss Moore, the university student that is spending time with us, decided to take the colour mixing to a whole new level. And, of course, things never turn out as you plan them to!

The children watched the different food colours mix into clear liquid.  Some containers were water.  Some were vinegar. How were they the same?  How were they different? Would the food colour react the same in each liquid?

There were two containers that had types of white powder. One container had flour.  One had baking soda.  How were they the same?  How were they different?

What would happen when flour or baking soda was mixed with coloured water or vinegar?  The children delighted in seeing the fizzy reaction of the vinegar and baking soda! Then they started sharing the different colours of liquid and tried many combinations.  Some put more liquid, making the powder runny, smooth, lumpy.  Some put less liquid, making the powder clumpy, crumbly, gooey, 'like play dough'. Some observed.

Colours changed.  Matter changed.  Children experimented.  We all learned!

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