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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Our Love Of Baking

Our classroom smelled delicious yesterday! The children made apple tarts from scratch. They peeled, chopped, and mixed the apples together with other ingredients to make a yummy dessert to bring home.

Encouraging our children to help out in the kitchen builds self-esteem as they learn to be responsible for food choices and make healthy decisions about what to eat.

There were many math moments in this experience too - measuring the ingredients, counting how many tart shells were needed, doing a step by step process and seeing how long the apple skin was when cut off by the peeler! The children were amazed to see the peels taller than they were!

Some children even turned the peels into necklaces and bracelets! If you would like to bake these wonderful apple tarts at home, you can find a great recipe here!

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