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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A Log's Life

A Log's Life
By Wendy Pfeffer
Illustrated by Robin Brickman 
Brought to wonder by the wonderful world of kindergarten

 In the wooded area next to Mrs. Pizzuto's house, a mighty tree stood. It was home to many creatures.
A storm came across the lake. Great wind and lightening made the tree bend and fall.
The tree was now a log and lay fallen...season after season. 
Some creatures left, some creatures made new homes. 
The log became covered by other plants.
The tree became spongy and the bark became spongy. 
The log came apart and began to rot.
The log still lays in the wooded area next to Mrs. Pizzuto's house, but...
some of it made it's way to our curious children!
Many insects crawled out of their tiny homes.
The wood was very soft and crumbled easily.
The children explored the log and holes in which small creatures had made their homes.
They captured tiny insects and carefully put them into small containers to count and study.
The log could easily be pulled apart, exposing more tiny homes. 
Insects scattered and scurried about.
The powdery wood was added to the small containers with the insects.
There was much to consider.
There was much to wonder about.
There was much to study.
There was much to observe.
Children wondered aloud and talked about what they discovered.
The log had started as a seed, became a mighty tree, gave shade, was home to many creatures and was now a teacher. But, what about the log that is still decomposing in the wooded area by Mrs. Pizzuto's house? the story goes!

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