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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Naming The Chicks!

Many children had drawn pictures of the new chicks and wrote names for the chicks they had drawn. can guess what the next morning's sign in would be!
Children signed their names in the columns of their favourite new chick names.
Jacob and Nancie worked together to count the total number of votes in each of the columns.
The 2 JK friends then wrote the number in each column.
There was a discussion about the survey for the new chicks names.
Which column had the most number of votes?
Which column had the least number of votes?
Which column had the same or equal number of votes?
How many more votes did the name 'Spokrs' (Sparkles) get than 'Cala'?
How man less votes did the name 'Tie' get vs. the name 'Tiny'?

After all that fun math talk...
let us introduce you to our new chicks!

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