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Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Culinary Delight!

The wonderful world of kindergarten was visited by two special ladies! Shelbe took time from her short stay home to bring her culinary skills to our Suzuki kitchen. Her mother, Lisa Cranston, was all smiles while accompanying her daughter. Time away from her school board office spent with our fabulous junior chefs is just the thing to twist the corners of all our mouths into a wide grin. 
Pretzels were to be the delight of the day. Oh-so-doughy, twisty, salty, chewy, golden, warm, and each and every one... looped with loving and lively hands.

Shelbe brought her pretzel making know-how and joined in with the children to make this delightful treat. Pretzels have been being made like this for over 1500 years!
Thought to be first made for children, a perfect mix of flour, yeast, oil, soda, sugar and water... and, of 'coarse'... salt.
Mother and daughter sharing their joy of cooking together!
Kitchen chatter, pretzel batter.
Help with pouring, anticipation soaring!

Watchful eye... knead... divide.

Roll and lengthen, fingers strengthen.

Loop and dip (a secret tip)!

Left over right, scrumptious delight.

Hand on hand with our newest friend.

Golden, doughy... sprinkle slowly.

Buttery, salty... oh-so-yummy!

Talented fingers... memories linger!

A fun pretzel poem.

The Pretzel, the Pig and the Baby Baboon

The pretzel, the pig and the baby baboon
went sailing away in a cardboard balloon.
They floated from Tuesday till sometime in June
on the vapors of valentine mints.

The baby baboon and the pretzel and pig
were happy at home in their bell-bottomed rig.
The flung off their caps as they jiggled a jig
over mountains of satin and chintz.

The pretzel played banjo and wiggled about.
The baby baboon gave a whoop and a shout.
The pig ate a pickle and polished his snout.
as they flew through a candy cane sky.

They soared on the breeze over cinnamon seas
and counted the stars in the sassafras trees,
then dined on spaghetti and strawberry teas
with bananas and Boston cream pie.

So give me your hand and we'll stroll down the strand.
We'll splash in the surf and collapse on the sand,
to wait near the spot where they're planning to land
for I hear that they're coming home soon.

We'll watch for the pig and the pretzel as well,
commanding their craft over billow and swell,
to guide them home safely by ringing a bell
by the light of the indigo moon.
--Kenn Nesbitt

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Lisa Cranston said...

Thanks for inviting us to join in your pretzel party. I had so much fun!