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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bold Builders at the Big Blocks

New materials added to the big block area rejuvenates thinking and sparks new ideas and emerging skills and a grand scale!
Balancing. Doorways. Entrance.
The children incorporate what they already know with their new thinking. They begin to use the big blocks in ways they haven't tried yet.
Tunnels. Through. Near. Along. Beside.

The buckets of small, geometric-shaped blocks are brought out to build connecting structures. 

Big thinking on a smaller scale.
Home. Store. Kitchen. Walls. Welcome.

Look out post. Telescope. "Spyer". Holder.
Ramps up high. Gravity.
Time. Patience. Perseverance. 

Surround. Pet home. Spacing. Precise. Rooms. Enter.

Dinosaur City.

Office. Computer. Worker. Desk.

Three-storey, super-duper, fastest-ever speed ramp.
Tubes become containers. Glass beads adorn a new home.
Telling stories of their new worlds inspire children to write stories of their new worlds.

How. Why. Where. 
"And this is the clock. It tells us the time when this part goes around."

World travelers. Climb aboard. "We're on our way!"

"We landed. We are going to defend our ship!"

Areas for seeing out and in. Cylinder walls. Bridges.
Dinosaur habitat. Bridges and balancing. Attacker. 
A small place to call my own.

Explorer shelves.

Considering. Pondering. Trial and error.

Making plans. 

Big block centre... a place for big ideas!

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