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Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Crayola Gift!!!


It wasn't all that long ago that we wrote a letter to Crayola to tell them how much we love their crayons and markers. We found out about their Green Initiative of using solar panels, and Suzuki Kindergarten Mighty Oaks were very proud of them!

Well, we heard back from Crayola! We were so excited to receive a pack of 400 crayons in 16 fantastic colours! These were no ordinary crayons! They were thin and sleek. Not thick like the primary ones! These were grown up crayons and grown up colours! The very first thing we did was to begin making 'Thank You' pictures for our new Crayola friends!
Ireland recalled having sent them a picture of a park. Now this was a park of a different colour.
Bright, bold, fine detail... and the boys and girls were so careful with these delicate crayons!

We are sending the pictures and a great big THANK YOU letter to Crayola. And... we are starting a brand new project.

We are going to bring   to the Suzuki community!

Join with our Suzuki Kindergarten Mighty Acorns and Crayola in the Crayola ColorCycle program so we can turn Crayola markers into energy!

P.S. We'll take any old markers you have!

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