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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Comparing Apple Blossoms to Apple Blossoms

The plasticine was offered in small pieces and a limited amount. We talked about how much plasticine is necessary to make the details of the apple blossom display.
Using tools would also help to create details.
Even though there was a limited amount of plasticine, there was more than enough 
to do many pictures!
        The children decided on different ways to use the tools and show the blossoms.
Morgan chose to show a group of blossoms.
Danica and Leah collaborated on a group of branches.
Evan wanted to include the vase and table top. 
The blue plasticine wasn't offered at the display.
He left to get blue plasticine so that he could show the water in the vase.
We noticed details on the branches, on the leaves, in the opened blossoms.
Some children decided that pencil tips were a good tool to add details.
The looked so wonderful we could almost smell the apple blossoms the artists created!

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