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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Thumbs Up for a Musical Memory

Kate's mom makes memories with the music she brings to the wonderful world of kindergarten
she makes memories on the music she brings!
 Setting an array of brightly coloured acrylic paint on a tray, Mrs. Bensette joyfully went to work.
She adorned her guitar with the children's and the teachers' prints!
Everyone eagerly awaited their chance to be a part of this wonderful memory keepsake.
All the while, Addison made sure to capture photos and document this happy occasion.
And we documented Addison!
A beautiful pattern of fingerprints emerged.
With just a few more prints left to get, Mrs. Bensette headed out to the hill to make sure all the children and teachers had contributed. 
What a perfect opportunity for a group photo!
And what do you suppose we did on the way back to the classroom at the end of our time together?
Raised our voices with a sun shiny rendition of...
'This Little Light of Mine'!
A perfectly memorable moment!

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