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Thursday, 2 April 2015

When Mrs.Brent is away the shaving cream comes out to play!

Poor Mrs. Brent! 
She never gets to take part in any activities that have scent. 
Mrs. Brent is allergic to scented products. 
Thank goodness flowers come from nature and their scent is not processed!

when Mrs. Brent was away at meetings for two days...
we had two days filled with shaving cream fun!
Colours mixed through the shaving cream in the most interesting ways.
Swirls of colour that were intense and vibrant and gave way to slight and light.
The colours mixed and mingled together to create new colours.
Shades and hues describe the same colour family.
playing with shaving cream isn't only about colours.
It also smells so perfumey and feels so soft!
Slippery and slidey.
Fingers travel through and the light reveals a design of movement.
Great green globs drop gradually.
Smooshy silky satiny shaving cream.
Spying a new surface!
Revealing reflection.
High and low and wherever hands can go.
Green foamy whirls inspire a new idea.
What will stick and stay?
Art and free expression. 
Scented sensory super sensational shaving cream.

Mrs. Brent smiled the biggest smile!

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