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Monday, 13 April 2015

Finger knitting

"I'll get some pillows."
"Oh I could just finger knit all day long!"
~ Danica ~

Having made themselves quite comfortable, Danica and Leah relaxed into the calmness of finger knitting. It's rhythmic pattern became automatic for them
 while they chatted and giggled as friends do.
Many of the children had been intrigued with Cat's Cradle and 
how the yarn would run through their fingers.
They enjoyed manipulating the string and making designs. 
Mrs. Brent decided to show them another way to play with yarn.
 The only things you need for finger knitting are yarn and fingers 
and a pair of scissors for a snip at the end.
When you click on the link, you'll see how we get started.
Lewam is getting things started.
Over Under Over
Around the pinky
Over Under Over
Bottom over top and off
Alex has been working her finger knitting and has decided it's long enough...
...for a headband!
Miss Garrett, the student educator is just learning also. 
She watches Addison to see how it's done.
Abigail gives it a try on her own.
Over Under Over
Around the pinky
Over Under Over
Bottom over top
Sometimes the yarn just gets mixed up...but that's okay.
That's what makes each child's piece just right!
Emmy has made a piece that is almost as tall as she is.
Oh and by the way, do we like that when children are finger knitting they are also 
 learning by teaching  
following steps
developing fine motor control 
using trial and error to self-learn?
You betcha!

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