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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

TD Grant ---The Greening of Kindergarten

We applied to TD Friends of the Environment last Spring to assist us with transforming our Kindergarten space into an area that students can investigate and enjoy. Our plan is to create an area where trucks, cars and trains can lead to creative inventions. We will also create spaces where students can sit and simply enjoy nature, giving students some quiet and tranquil space to just be or perhaps read, write or draw. Other areas are being developed where students can play tic tac toe, chess and checkers. We appreciate your patience as we transform our area. We know the area is muddy and yucky.  
Your children are loving that part by the way! 
If you are interested in digging, moving stone or planting, come on by. Enjoy some photos of our first day of digging with some bigger friends from Mr. Vial's class and 
Happy Earth Day!

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