The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

Welcome to our Reggio Emilia inspired classroom at Dr. David Suzuki School.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Fairy Land

Creating a scenery for the background of Fairy Land.
Each fairy has unique abilities.
Being very careful with the tools and materials.
Creating 'fairy dust'.
A wall planter becomes a fairy home. Tiny furniture is made and added.
A tree is fashioned from a stick and some moss. The 'Tree Fairy' lives there. 
The Tree Fairy can see far.
What do we know about fairies? What can we find out?
Having a Fairy party! What a celebration!
A fairy gathering. What do fairies talk about?
A fairy wedding took place. John and Ginger were married. 
They are going to have a family.
More fairy dust.
Fairies on the move.
A fairy dog and a fairy baby join John and Ginger Fairy's family.
Where will the new fairy family live?
Fairy Land...waiting for the children to engage in another magical day!

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