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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

FightIng Island

Last Monday two of our classes had the opportunity to visit Fighting Island. Fighting Island was a dumping spot for the by product of automotive glass manufacturing many years ago. BASF purchased the island and has been working to reclaim the land and sustain healthy plants and animals. Field trips with local children help with this endeavour. 

The boat ride over was a favourite part of the field trip for many!

The children looked for animals tracks in the fields and made a plaster print of the track they found. These went home with the children at the end of the trip.

Nature walks were a big part of our day. Children were given field guides to help them find a variety of leaves and backpacks to store their treasures. These came back to school with us for exploration at the science centre.

The children were able to scoop pond water and analyze it using high powered microscopes. Some even projected the image onto a large white screen. Although the frogs, toads, and snakes were hibernating and hard to find, there were many little organisms still living in the water.

What a wonderful trip! Thank you to all volunteers who accompanied us for this great day!

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