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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Top Ten Reasons Why Books Are Best!

Top Ten Reasons Why Books Are Best!

10.  Children learn that print carries a message with meaning.  They can’t wait to write!

9.  The more worlds that a child hears about increases the amount of connections they make to their own.

8.  Children who are regularly exposed to books at home and at school will be lifelong learners and readers for knowledge and for pleasure.

7.  In the early years when development is ‘all over at the same time’, about 700 brain connections are being made every second. We lose what we don’t use as we age so the brain can concentrate only on those connections that are used regularly.  Reading guarantees cognitive, social and emotional connections, which then ensure learning, behaviour, physical and mental abilities.  Don’t books rock?!!

6.  The best conversations start in the middle of a good story.  

5Children can predict meanings and tell and retell events, information and stories better as they come to understand that stories have a sequence (beginning, middle and end).

4.  Pictures have their own story.

3.  By the end of Grade 6, reading 1 minute a day results in a knowledge of 8,000 words… reading 20 minutes a day results in 1,800,000 words.  It’s just simple math.

2.  Reading and being read to in the early years is the best predictor for school success… period.

And the #1 Reason?  There are no commercials and the batteries never run out!

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