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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Gemma's Gift

Our trip to Colasanti's Tropical Garden has been captured on canvas.
We saw many animals and plants from near and far.
Birds and creatures and tropical plants filled with vibrant colours.

The very next day, Gemma and her mother came to school with a giant canvas and jars filled with bright coloured sand.
We were inspired to create a Colasanti's Collage! 

Step by step, the children created their pictures and added them to the canvas.

First we talked about how thinking of shapes can help us when we want to draw and create.

Then the children looked at some of the photos from Colasanti's to give them inspiration.



 Filled with wonderful ideas and memories, the children planned out the picture that they were going to add to the canvas.

After that, the children worked with glue and sand. 
They decided on the colours they were going to use.
Did they want to use the glue bottle to draw their lines or did they want to brush the glue on the canvas?


Their hands had to be steady and slow.
The sand had to be added one colour at a time.
The sand stuck anywhere there was glue!

The children waited for each others art to dry. We built sand art pictures for several days!
They were excited...and patient.


What colour sand will go next?

What shape are you thinking of using?


Now we have a permanent memory of our wonderful trip!

A Colasant's Collage.
Inspired by our field trip to Colasanti's Tropical Garden.
Made possible by Gemma and her family.

Thank you!

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Larisa Johnstone said...

This is so beautiful! What a wonderful idea!