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Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Water Filtration System Resurfaces!

It all actually began last year. 
Dirty water led to a water filtration system that led to many discoveries.
It was Logan, who is now an SK friend, that started the interest in the water filter system this year.
We were having a conversation at the carpet, and he recalled, 
"Member those layers we made before? The ones when the sand was the bottom? An' we put water in it?"

The 'teacher brain' was all excited at the countless connections Logan inspired.
The SK's who were with us as JK's last year began buzzing and remembering and excitement grew.

We talked about the water filter system and discussed how we might filter the 'outside water' in Winter? 
Ice was gathered and set in the water table so that it would melt overnight.


Sure enough, the ice melted into water that was dirty.
This dirt could be filtered out.
The water filtration system began to resurface.
 Once again, materials were gathered from our environment.

  Large rocks were set in place to become the first layer.

Smaller rocks and stones were set in place to become the second layer.
And finally, sand was gathered and set in place to become the third layer.
Why do you think we lined the layers with thin waffle-like placemat fabric? 

Logan and friends give the water filtration system a try. The melted ice is about to be cleaned.


Many friends came to explore what happens to the water when it is filtered.
They explore ways to move the water through the filtration system.
They have many discussions and make many decisions.
They use trial and error to move the water.

Exploring ways to move water
Ingenuity in water movement!

Excitement and curiosity built and the children found more dirty water.
How does the dirt freeze inside Winter ice?

For many days, the children explored the water filtration system.
Winter in our area provided warm days, rainy days, snowy days, cold days.
Water came from snow, ice and lovely muddy puddles!


When a cup is filled with the filtered water, the water is cleaner.
Which layer took out the most dirt?

We are excited to be environmental stewards of the Essex County Watershed
How do you help protect your drinking water?

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