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Monday, 22 September 2014

A Look Back - Onward and Upward with Shawn and His Dad

WOW! Was sure this was posted in June, then...oh, June was gone in a flash and it seems the summer went with it! Shawn is now a grown up Grade 1 but has left us with so many wonderful stories!

This story is about the day his dad came to visit and share his mountain climbing experience in the Himalayan mountains.

As a mountain climber, we heard about the many tools and equipment that is so important.  
Safety Safety Safety!

A rope is very important to a mountain climber. And so are strong muscles to carry it!
While the children are busy trying the rope on for size, Mr. McFadden digs into his backpack for more tools. Look at how big his back pack is! A mountain climber chooses the things they put in their backpack very carefully. They think of only the things that are most important. Will it help to keep them safe, healthy and ready for the weather? How heavy is it?
A mountain climber uses a headband that has a light on it. Hmmm...guess we could call it a 'headlight'! Mr. McFadden also made sure he could keep his feet warm.

Mrs. McFadden helped to tell the story of the many people they met along the way. The people of Nepal live very differently than we do here in Windsor, Ontario, Canada! They do not have cars. They go to school. They work very hard. We both have times of the year when it is very cold.
We love our families and like to laugh and play. The most important things are the same!
We looked at a Google Map to find out exactly where Mr. McFadden climbed. The snow is always at the top of the Himalaya Mountains.

The McFadden family has shared many stories about their adventures with each other. Sean can tell us so much about his dad's experiences and what he has learned. They must have lively conversation at home! It is wonderful to hear Sean tell the stories he knows and share new information.

The final surprise that the McFadden family shared with us was the artifacts that they shared with us. Mr. McFadden carefully unwrapped a book that was over 200 years old! The writing is very different. It was so fragile and ever-so-precious.
The hat was handmade and had a most colourful pattern. The people of Nepal work with such marvelous colours. Each area has certain patterns that they use.

Incense is also something that the people of Nepal use for many reasons. This wooden box was carefully carved and hold incense sticks. The sticks had a very strong smell. They are lit and the smoke carries the scent all around.
Finally, Mr. McFadden brought us all outside. He showed us a shell. This is the way that people call out to each other from far away. Many of these shells are specially carved and are handed down from family to family for generations.
Do you have something that you value from generations ago?
Will you be handing something down from your generation to your children's generation?
Culture and heritage connect families and their history!



Thank you McFadden family! We are always so happy to see you in your travels at Suzuki...and so glad you brought part of your travels to our wonderful world of kindergarten!

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