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Monday, 15 September 2014

Our Upstairs Garden

In June, the kindergarten children were busy tending the garden on our rooftop. Many, many bags were filled with dried twigs, branches, weeds and overgrowth. Once the hard work was done, we took all the seedlings and sprouts that had been growing in the wonderful world of kindergarten and planted them. We talked about where each plant might need to be.
We made sure to keep the sunflowers near the fence. That way they would be nice and  t
and ready to greet the children with their bright colours
 when the children returned in September.

Herbs were able to be planted in just about any spot! 
These herbs needed room to grow   w  i  d  e.

Everyone became very excited when a leaf bug was discovered. It was very hard to see, since it had camouflaged itself so well! When Mrs. Brent asked what 'camouflage' might mean, Donovan answered, "That's when they try to hide!" Of course, we left it right where it was so the leaf bug could continue to live in it's own habitat...but not before we took a great picture!
Can you spot the leaf bug?
Many insects live in our rooftop garden. They all have their purpose. Who needs pest control when you've got a healthy garden filled with beneficial insects?! Click the link to find out more.


Some plants needed support so their vegetables didn't lay on the ground. They needed to be near a fence so the sun could help them to ripen. If they were laying on the ground, they would rot more easily if they hadn't been 
picked at just the right time. 

We weren't too worried about the bees visiting the rooftop garden. They were busy busy busy! They especially liked the sunflowers. So did we.
Some of the plants needed room to grow quite round and large. This plant had soft, fuzzy, huge leaves! We haven't figured out the name of it yet...but we will.

We left plenty of room for this area. It's our Suzuki pumpkin patch. Pumpkin vines are growing all around.

 We enjoyed seeing lightly coloured flowers popping up here and there. They added just the right touch of beauty to such a vibrant garden.

In many areas, the weeds had returned. They had grown just as tall as they were in June when they had been pulled....or rather when we thought they had been pulled!  Weeds are like that. Just like 'The Cat Came Back' that Fred Penner sings...the weeds came back...they just wouldn't go away!

The children harvested many tomatoes. Why were these ones so small? Well, because this variety is called 'cherry tomatoes'. They are small...and delicious!

A garden of children in a children's garden! 

Cabbage and cherry tomatoes, herbs and sunflowers, pumpkins and squash...a feast awaits!

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Loretta Sbrocca said...

What a wonderful project! I enjoyed following this on the blog. The children are so fortunate to have this beautiful space. Thank you for all your efforts to get the children into nature.