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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A Log's Life

An investigation has begun. 
Tiny insects continue to emerge in our art studio. 
They must be coming from somewhere in the area!


David believes he has discovered where the insects have been living.
He saw one of the insects crawling on a log.
The log had a hole.

We researched the insect and Mrs. St. Onge found out it is called the Red Headed Ash Borer
 They have hatched inside the wood stumps and are starting to investigate the world.
Just like us.
They like to camoflauge themselves to look like a wasp, but they don't sting.
Mostly, these insects just like wood.

David thinks they like to live in the dark.

We began to take the bark off of the stumps and found trails and trails of lines.
How did they make the trails?



What do they like to eat?

How strong are they?

Why are their heads red?

We'll be reading a book called A Log's Life
Click to see what a real story about a log's life.

The wonder continues!

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