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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

How We Capture The Children's Learning

The children are invited to explore their documentation binders.
This is where we gather bits and pieces of the 'work' children do throughout the year.
There are drawings, progress in printing, self-portraits, photo's of the children in play, number fun and so much more!
Teachers comment on the children's work and record what the children say.
We learn so much about them.
They learn so much about themselves!
We love to see their faces when they realize how much they do and how much they know.

One of the parts about the documentation binders that we really enjoy is when the children pour through them.

So many, "Remember when we..."
"Hey! Look!"
"Teacher! Teacher! Can we do that again!"

When the children look at their binders, we talk about all the things they do and wonder about some things other friends do.

After all, kindergarten is a place where we get to try everything!
Each of the children are great at something, and know they can get better at anything just by trying.

So they make a goal.

Maybe their goal is to visit the block centre and build.

Or to visit the art studio and paint more often.

Their goal might be to turn their drawings into stories and write a book!


When the parents look through the binders with their child, won't they be so excited?!!!
It's the next best thing to being here...
in the wonderful world of kindergarten.

A note from The Kindergarten Team to the families...
We hope you enjoy seeing how much all the children learn as we engage with them when they play.
We are sure that you will be as amazed at your child as we are every day! 
We look forward to reading the notes you send us when the documentation binders come back.

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