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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Mr. Laidlaw''s Science Experiment

In the Wonderful World Of Kindergarten our door is always open to parent volunteers. 
This day, our students were lucky enough to have Sadie's father come in. 
Mr. Laidlaw conducted a science experiment with our students.

Materials Needed:
-Plastic Plates
-Food Colouring
-Dish Soap

Step 1:  Each student gets a red plastic plate filled with milk.

The next step was to start adding different drops of food coloring to the milk.

Each child then received a Q-Tip with dish soap on the end. 
The children were asked to make a prediction on what they thought would happen when they placed the Q-Tip in the food colouring and milk. 

"The colours will explode." Sophia.

"It will make a new colour." Sienna.

"It will be brown." Sydney.

 "The colours will swirl together." Abby.


The children looked at all the swirling that was happening on their own plates and on their friends plates!

More and more friends came to do the experiment. Friends helped friends.
Mr. Laidlaw helped everyone!




The food colouring reacted to the dish soap and scattered on top of the milk.
The colours mixed with each other and became new colours.
Scientists find out these kinds of things when they wonder and experiment.



Thank you Mr. Laidlaw for turning our island into a scientific laboratory!

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