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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A Home for Birds

The birds are rich with song and busy with our dried grasses as they build their Springtime homes. Moving the nests from the science table to their own table has sparked great conversation and fun activities.
We are learning about the many types of nests and how the birds are building a home for their families. Willow decided to record a nest by observation and drawing.
This brought attention to the nests and the clipboards soon were all busy with children observing, drawing and recording their findings.

But why stop there?! The rainy weather provided us with some wonderful mud. We talked about the materials the birds used to make their homes. These materials were all around us. We decided to fill a sensory table with the materials and make our own nests.
Some children dug right into the mud... others watched. Soon, many children were gathered around the table, filling the molds (bowls) with a mixture and layers of mud, dried grass, string, hay and other natural materials we had gathered.
Taking a good look at one of the bird's nests that we had been observing let us see how the grasses went around in a circular way. The inside of the nest felt soft and had been made very smooth. The walls were high. "That's so the baby's will be safe." "The wind can stay out."

We showed the children how we might flatten the materials and build the walls by pushing the mud and materials flat against the sides of the molds.

Back inside the room, many children continued to investigate the nests and wood with evidence of a woodpecker. 

The Smartboard showed videos of our busy Springtime singers.

Here's an idea for some fun dinnertime conversation. 
What's the same between a home for birds and a home for people?
What's different between a home for birds and a home for people?

Check out these great bird websites and opportunities to investigate, explore and chat about birds with your children!

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