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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Learning Stories

The role of 'play' in kindergarten is the most important part of the day. It is the one part of the kindergarten program in which the children do the most learning. The children carry their natural curiosity, energy, interest and wonder into their play... and the teacher brings along just the right amount of support to make that play a rich learning experience.
Then the two match up in just the right way...Voila! A learning story!

"Tell me the story of your block structure."  
"Will you draw a plan of your structure, or a map of where you are travelling to?"
Sticks and twigs that scatter a teacher's yard offer a perfect invitation to the sand table. 
A book from the book shelf introduces an idea and the learning takes off!
"Hmmm... I know that fashion designers sketch and draw out their designs. Then they choose their fabrics and make the clothes. There are so many details!"
"It sounds like you're in the movie! Let's make a performance. Let's see now...what will we need?"

"Zoos make sure that animals are safe and can live as though they were in their natural habitat. You have to have very special training to work with the animals in a zoo."
"What do you think a zoo keeper needs to know about the different animals?"

"Where will the windows go?"
"We can build the tower on the ground, then we can all lift it together...very slowly, very carefully...then attach it."
"Hmmm...I wonder how the 'watcher guys' will get from the floor to their 'watcher' post?"

"What do you think will happen if we place the grass pieces there?"
"It's the forest and the guys have to go up and go over the bridge." 

"Trees can grow on mountains."
"This is the Harry Potter forest!"
Tubing becomes towers and tunnels and a town takes over.

"I think about a town and I see signs. Some buildings have names on them."

Small block play. 
We decided to bring the small natural wood blocks over to the baskets with train tracks to see what would happen.
The children added in animals and grass mats.

When children play, they involve their whole body and all of their senses. 
Learning through play is a whole child experience!

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