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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Parents and Community Partners

More of our kindergarten families have been sharing their talents and careers with us. The connections the children make to their families as they share what they know is incredible!  

Not only do the children see their parents in a role that benefits their community, their peers see how cool each other's parents are. The conversations that take place after such a visit are very excited. 
The wonderful world of kindergarten hosted Riley's dad who is an EMS Paramedic.
 From stretcher to diagnostic equipment to...
....warm coats and a tour of an ambulance! 
As any mother, father or dentist will tell you, there is little that is more important than good dental care. And that's just the message we heard from Alivia's mom. Brushing, flossing and regular check-ups are just the good habits we should all be doing to keep those nasty germs away.
The boys and girls continued to explore the teeth molds and materials that Mrs. Huffer left for us. This provided a wonderful opportunity for us to help the children learn the right way to brush their teeth at home.

Having a real live ballerina talk to the children about ballet dancing was so exciting! She made the world of ballet come alive for all the children.
Photographs and demonstrations made this type of dance expression so real for all the boys and girls.

Seeing used ballet shoes was so interesting! The shoes are so important to the dancer. They are the dancers most important tool!
Different shoes for different dances. 
Dance is important for children for so many reasons. Exercise, expression, coordination, balance, self-esteem... and it just plain make you feel good!
The wonderful world of kindergarten loves this great way of learning about amazing community helpers and bringing our families and children together.

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