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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Colosanti's - Tropical and Terrific!

The field trip to Colosanti's was a rousing success!
The fun we had we couldn't have guessed. 
We boarded the bus and off we went,
With bus driver Greg, he's a wonderful gent.
And there'll be goats...
Oh dear! There were deer and boy are they quick,
Ready for food, giving a wet slurpy lick.
And so many flowers, the tropical kind,
All at Colosanti's and easy to find.
And there'll be goats...

Excitement with friends was everywhere,
Laughter and giggles filled the air.

We were ever-so-proud of our girls and boys,
Such fun and learning, we were filled with joy!
And there'll be goats...

Flowers were not the only feature,
We also saw two-legged and four-legged creatures.

Ferrets, and hedgehogs and goats. Oh my!
Lizards and snakes liking things warm and dry.
And there were goats...

Families shared in the fun and play too.
Memories made with love so true.

Our garden of children could only compare,
To the beauty and wonder of all that was there.
Don't forget about the goats...

"What makes one flower pink and one that is red?
Or yellow? Or orange? Or in bunches?" they said.
What makes one child tall? Or quick with a smile?
Or a builder? Or artist? Or wonder or wander a while?
And...ummm... you guessed it... goats...

Each child, like each flower, we've come to know,
Is unique and so special as we watch them grow.
Curious, remarkable and each with their own flair,
Like all the tropical plants that were there.
Yep... goats...

Connecting with the natural world far and wide,

Seeing flytraps and cactus with hair on it's side!
Connecting with each other in a different way,

New surroundings, experiences... oh what a day!
Connecting with goats...

The deer had us running, inside and out!

Four-legged friends freely wandering about.

Some soft and furry, some with beautiful feathers.

Inside and outside no matter the weather.
Furry, jumpy, licky goats...

Gathered together and learning of tropical beings,
And domestic animals the children were seeing,

Gave us ideas to talk about, new worlds to explore,
Tropical forests and farms, rain forests and more!
Cute, adorable, waiting for food... goats...

Back on the bus, on our way to Suzuki,
We talked of goats... and things and sang songs that were kooky,
Tropical, terrific, tremendous too.
We'd like to say a big THANK YOU!!!

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