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Friday, 12 December 2014

A Sparkling Surprise!

We arrived at school after a weekend and discovered a new addition in Sparkles habitat!
Can you guess what it is?
The children were so excited! 
Sparkles is going to be a mother!
We were not afraid of Sparkles flying away. She did not leave the plant that her egg case was hanging from.
Why did Sparkles stay so near?
Ms. Renaud found so much information about Sparkles and this new addition.
The egg case is called and ootheca.
How many baby mantises are in one ootheca?
Hint: It's a BIG number!
Ms. Renaud made sure to help the children take the plant with the ootheca out of the habitat and make a new habitat just for Sparkles egg case. 
Why did she do that?
Hint: Sparkles gets hungry and it's hard to find crickets in winter.
Now that crickets are hard to find at Suzuki hill, Ms. Renaud brings some for Sparkles. 
The children help to feed her.

Once Sparkles was comfortable and well fed, the final touches were put on the habitat for her ootheca.
What do you wonder about creating a habitat for a praying mantis or an ootheca?

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