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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Salt Paintings

Ms. Beaudry brought a couple of her very special artistic students to showcase a most interesting method of producing artistic masterpieces!

This method had certain steps that the children had to follow.
Sometimes, it takes a process of following steps
to produce an artistic effect.
Take a look at the materials on the table.
Can you guess the order of steps that they are used in?
Step 1: Use water colour paint to make a picture on the canvas.
Many strong, vibrant colours can fill your canvas if that's what you'd like.
Paint a picture with flowers and a purple sun and pink clouds
if that's what you'd like.
Step 2: Spray your painting with water.
Watch what happens to the colours when you spray your painting!
Step 3: Drizzle white glue all over your picture.
Step 4: Sprinkle salt over the entire picture.
What happened?

Were you surprised when the salt mixed with the water and glue and paint?

Did you use a lot of water or just a spritz?

Did your colours become muted and mixed together?

Were your colours vibrant or soft?
How much glue did you drizzle and salt did you sprinkle?
Did you shake your salt all around your picture
so everything would be coated?

Our room was filled with these frosted works of art!
Thank you Ms. Beaudry and company for the artistic inspiration!

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Melissa Webb said...

This is such a great idea! Very pretty ☺