The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Our Builders At Work

Whatever good things we build end up building us.
~ Jim Rohn ~

Builders come in every shape, size and wonderment!

Builders become royalty, captains, astronauts, engineers, scientists, zoo keepers, mommies and daddies, knights, pirates, super heroes, planners,
...well, everything they could ever be!

Builders can balance, calculate, think, determine, revise, experiment, collaborate, discuss, problem solve, disagree, find solutions, share, position, count, add, take away, tell stories...inspire!
Building windows to the world, or are they cubbies for animals, or are they doorways, or maybe steps or ladders or...?
2 sets of 4. 
4 on top and 4 on the bottom...8 hollow blocks in all.
Now it's time to make a wall.

"Mmmmm....this is our rocket ship."
This rocket ship began with areas. Areas for sitting.
Areas for waiting. Areas for, "Mmmm...that's just for where we can stay."
More blocks were added. More blocks filled in spaces. More blocks were set on top...and beside...and inside...and more and more and more.
Ivy took two curved blocks and balanced them together over top a tree slice.
A rocket ship that goes "up to space".
A rocket ship that gets made and unmade and remade.
And the captain is ready to fly us to the stars.
The next day...the rocket ship had many engines ready to blast off!
On some days, the big blocks stay on the shelves.
Given the chance to value only the tubes, small blocks and materials in the baskets,
a king's throne becomes more.
Many small blocks are stacked, placed and balanced.
Many small blocks fill every little space!
And then knights are added. A city becomes a kingdom.
Cylinders, quarter rounds, rockers, bridges, tunnels, cubes, rectangular prisms!
Very big 'protector guys' come to protect.
Inspiration, excitement, gentle and careful work.
Great battles are fought and won.
Days and days of epic stories.

Then tubes become tunnels and a way to deliver blocks.
Tubes carry small blocks to the ground.

But, wait a are near...

"Hey, I got a  idea. What about you get the cars?
We could shoot the cars down!"
"Miss, we can use the big blocks and the ramps and aim our cars."

Oh my! Tubes are aimed to direction cars into other tubes and onto lanes and ramps.

Precision! Coordination! Perseverance! A new game!

Challenges are made and unmade and remade.
And then another day comes along.
Another day.
Another idea.
Builders gotta' build.
And show their thinking with their doing.
And inspire.
who they could ever be.
Planning and recording for others to know.

Building a great foundation in the wonderful world of kindergarten.

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