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Friday, 12 December 2014

What's Happening To Our Pumpkins?

Just because it's December, 
we haven't forgotten about our pumpkins.

Look what we discovered when we checked in on our Decomposition Centre
located just outside, under our windows.

We read the story Pumpkin Jack and discovered what was happening to our very own pumpkins.
Pumpkin growing happens in a cycle. Just like a pattern.
Repeating over and over and over again.
Does all food with seeds have growing cycles?

We also read what was going to continue to happen.
Will our pumpkins grow again like Pumpkin Jack?

Some of the pumpkins hadn't been cut open and
scooped of their seeds.
They were decomposing differently than the pumpkins
that had been cut open.

The skin of the pumpkins had become soft and the
cut open pumpkins were
squashed and mushy.

Black mold had begun to grow on the skins and insides of the cut open pumpkins.
Pumpkin juice oozed out and filled the tray.

One squishy worm was found and one fly escaped!
How did they get there?
Why did they want to be in a rotting pumpkin?

Why did the uncut pumpkins stay round and
the cut pumpkins get flat and moldy?
Why were they so smelly?!

What are the pumpkins going to look like when we explore them in a week?
In a month?

The pumpkins became a part of the science centre. The fruit flies followed them!
What do we wonder about pumpkins?
What can we explore?
What did we discover about decomposing pumpkins?
Danica explored the pumpkin goop with a magnifying glass.
She wonders how they change colour.

What do you know about pumpkins and their growing cycle?
What do you wonder about our pumpkins?

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